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Can we use magnets like a batteries

March 15th, 2009

Not regular magnets what comes to mind if you heard this word. But nano-magnets what can be “charged” by strong EM field and later used to produce current.

The device created by University of Miami Physicist Stewart E. Barnes, of the College of Arts and Sciences and his collaborators can store energy in magnets rather than through chemical reactions. Like a winding up toy car, the spin battery is “wound up” by applying a large magnetic field –no chemistry involved. The device is potentially better than anything found so far, said Barnes.
“We had anticipated the effect, but the device produced a voltage over a hundred times too big and for tens of minutes, rather than for milliseconds as we had expected,” Barnes said. “That this was counterintuitive is what lead to our theoretical understanding of what was really going on.”

Now opened big market for batteries for electric cars. As many auto concerns announced new models for 2009-2011. Electric cars and many other mobile-electric devices can take support form new big batteries.  It is a first step on this branch of magnet-battery and scientists have to done a lot of studies before I can have it in my mobile “phone”( I wonder if there will be phone then such batteries came to market?).

Although the actual device has a diameter about that of a human hair and cannot even light up an LED (light-emitting diode–a light source used as electronic component), the energy that might be stored in this way could potentially run a car for miles.

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