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Everything is a black holes (no pun intended)

May 28th, 2009

In trying to understand how gravity behaves on the quantum scale, physicists have developed a model that has an interesting implication: mini black holes could be everywhere, and all particles might be made of various forms of black holes.

As the physicists explain, gravity is considered an astronomical-scale force; its effects on smaller scales seem to be virtually nonexistent. However, as the scientists write, “it has often been assumed that near the Planck scale, gravity would somehow assert itself and become comparable in strength to the other forces of nature, likely as a product of some grand unification picture.” Coyne and Cheng approach the problem of small-scale gravity by presenting a new model of black hole evaporation. As black holes lose energy, they slowly evaporate, shrinking in size down to the quantum scale – where they may be identical to elementary particles.

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