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What is your plan to save the world?

March 11th, 2009

You probably know about The Crisis. Yes, the one what have came to take our money and our lives. If there is a problem then there is people who don’t sleep at nite to find a solution for that problem. And they have the solution. We just need to think the other way than we do it now. And if you don’t want to change your mind, your values, your goals then you are just a selfish bustard who deserve to die( or get a drug what ensure your well-being ).

Sorry for that scary passage. Sometimes I am behaving emotional then talk come to change peoples mind. I am from Russia we had bad experience with that.

I am suggest you to read a good post of Deric Bownds on this topic:

Saving the world…

A University of Vermont course in the spring of 2008 came up with a magnum opus now published in the Proceedings of the National Academy titled “Overcoming systemic roadblocks to sustainability: The evolutionary redesign of worldviews, institutions, and technologies.” I totally have a mind-numbing headache from reading this ponderous but worthwhile effort, and give you a few clips from their summary of “an integrated set of worldviews, institutions, and technologies to stimulate and seed evolutionary redesign of the current socio-ecological regime to achieve global sustainability”:

  • Redefine Well-Being Metrics.
  • Ensure the Well-Being of Populations During the Transition.
  • Reduce Complexity and Increase Resilience.
  • Expand the “Commons Sector.”
  • Remove Barriers to Improving Knowledge and Technology.

Read full post at Deric Bownds:Saving the world…

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