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What was The Industrial Revolution

June 11th, 2009

It had been long ago when I last time sit on economy lecture in my university. Now I read articles like this one( The Industrial Revolution by Deirdre Nansen McCloskey) not for mark in diploma but for my personal knowledge.

Economic historians have discovered since the 1960s that the average participant in the British economy in 2000 was fifteen times better supplied with food and clothing and housing and education than her remote ancestors. If ones ancestors lived in Finland, the factor is more like 29, the average Finn in 1700 being not a great deal better off in material terms than the average African at the time. If ones ancestors lived in the Netherlands it is only a factor of 10 or so, since in 1700 the Netherlands was the richest (and the most free and bourgeois) country in the world, 70 percent better off than the soon-to-be United Kingdom. If in Japan, the factor since 1700 is fully 35. 2 If South Korea, the factor merely in the past half-century, since 1953, when income per head, despite access to some modern technology, was about what it had been in Europe 450 years before, is almost 18, crammed into a four decades instead of, as in the British case, stretched out over two centuries.

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