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Where the Web became harmful

June 5th, 2009

List of search terms what can give you most harmful results from.

“If you’re hacking for profit, the best way to make money is with the largest pool of potential victims,” he said. “The biggest crowd is going to be around these trends.”

These are the search terms put you at the most risk from hackers:

  • Word Unscrambler
  • Lyrics
  • Printable Fill in Puzzles
  • Free Ringtones
  • Solitaire
  • Free Music
  • Free Music Downloands
  • MySpace

Top 10 Malware Sites what can make your computer or your bank account ill. Google not only scan web for all sorts of textual information. It can recognize sites with a content of some specific sort.

Our automated systems found more than 4,000 different sites that appeared to be set up for distributing malware by massively compromising popular web sites. Of these domains more than 1,400 were hosted in the .cn TLD. Several contained plays on the name of Google such as goooogleadsence.biz, etc.

Other malware researchers reported widespread compromises pointing to the domains gumblar.cn and martuz.cn, both of which made it on our top-10 list. For gumblar, we saw about 60,000 compromised sites; Martuz peaked at slightly over 35,000 sites. Beladen.net was also reported to be part of a mass compromise, but made it only to position 124 on the list with about 3,500 compromised sites.

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