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What you think about lie in a fiction

March 20th, 2009

Today I have read a post on Bruce Schneier blog. It was about TV show “24” and his crypto algorithm Blowfish. Blowfish was mentioned in most negative way even possible for crypto algorithm.

LM: Unfortunately, it’s encrypted with Blowfish 148 and no one here knows how to crack that. Therefore, we need your help, please. MO: The designer of this algorithm built a backdoor into his code. Decryption’s a piece of cake if you know the override codes. LM: Mr. O’Brian, can you tell me specifically when you’ll have the file decrypted? MO: Yes. MO: Now.

Technically authors of 24 from Fox is right. They created this situation in their imagination. Put it on video and show to a few million people. Authors can put in their show all that they want because no one use fictional show as source of knowledge, right? Answer is no. All who seen this dialog and did not have previous knowledge about Blowfish put in their memory two new words “Blowfish backdoor”. And next time then they about to make a decision to which system buy to secure personal data they recall “Blowfish backdoor”. And it cut their chances to make objective decision. Viewers do not have enough competency to block misinformation from pseudo professional shows like 24, House MD and other there producers save money on consultant. We have only one way to change it. Do not view misinformation. What if you see big dirty lie about you in popular TV show? Does fact that show is fictional enough to for you to do nothing about this fact?

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